Another name for an intuitive reading is an energy reading, or aura reading. The aura is an electro-magnetic field that surrounds and permeates our physical body, which reflects our inner and outer states and houses information from our present and past. 

​In an intuitive reading, the energy in your field is accessed to reveal information about your present situation on the physical, emotional, mental, and/or energetic planes. When relevant, information from your past that is influencing your reality today may present itself as well. Often clients walk away from the reading with a clearer perspective of what's going on, and a sense of ease and renewed connection. The process allows for bringing greater presence, well-being, and wholeness into your life.

When you sit down with Dana in a session, she will guide you through a brief meditation and then begin to share the information she receives in a clear and precise manner. She perceives this information via the instrument of her own body, and it comes through as messages, images, colors, feelings and knowing. Dana focuses on connecting with the essence of the client, while offering insight and constructive tools to work through challenges and access meaningful understanding and transformation.

All readings include a blend of practical and intuitive guidance, and energy balancing of the chakras and aura. Sessions can be held in person, by phone, or online.
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General Reading:  The General Reading scans through the seven main energy centers and explains the dynamics of what's going on in your life, offering give you a wider perspective and clearer vantage point of your present reality. Sessions include a blend of practical and intuitive guidance, and energy balancing of the chakras and aura. Book here!

Business Reading:  Optimal for bringing clarity on how to grow or make changes in your business. Offers insight around potential challenges and areas of improvement. Whether you are just starting a venture, a seasoned entrepreneur, owner of a small business, or the head of a large corporation, the Business Reading offers valuable information to help you and your team excel in what you do. Book here!

Relationship Reading:  For all types of relationships, i.e. significant others, family members, friends, business partners, etc. A relationship reading focuses on understanding your spiritual contracts, current dynamics, potential, what you have to teach and learn from one another, where you might be blocked in the relationship, and potential past lives together. (It's not necessary for both people to be present for the reading, as long as the absent person has given his or her consent.) Book here!

Group Reading:  For groups of 3 people and up, the Group Reading is beneficial for families, companies, organizations, sports teams, music bands, or any group of people sharing a common interest. In the reading we will focus on understanding common denominators, identifying and polishing potentials, teamwork building, overcoming obstacles, and the deeper meaning of why you are in this particular group together.​ Book here!

Past Life Reading:  In any reading, past lives can come up in order to bring awareness to a current situation, acknowledge natural gifts, understand relationship to another, or to facilitate the healing of a past experience. In a Past Life Reading, the session will be focused on identifying and understanding the past experiences of your soul, and clearing any undesirable influences that may be creating challenges for you in your present reality. Book here!​