Sound is the essence of life; the vibration behind everything in existence. When we are in the presence of high-vibrational sound, our sense are heightened, our mind is alleviated, our heart is opened, and our body is given an opportunity to realign and heal at a cellular level.

When you meet with Dana for a Sound Journey - whether in a private session, a group sound healing, or during savasana in a yoga class - she welcomes you to the experience of connecting with your heart and allowing the frequency of the sound to work its subtle magic. 

Music in Dana's LIfe...

Dana has been playing the flute since the age of six. It is an influential muse

that gives her a clear creative channel through which she can express herself. She enjoys playing many genres of music, especially Kirtan and intuitive improvisation. Dana also plays the gong, harmonium and loves to sing. She views the human body as an instrument, in all meanings of the word.


For Dana sound and healing are intrinsically related, whether she's playing for an audience, in a yoga class, meditation, or during an aura reading. Through intention, the space is set to facililate healing, which can occur on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Additional services

Dana is available for recording sessions, touring, or playing at events. Contact her for more information.

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