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Lydia Stern

Crested Butte, Colorado

I highly recommend Dana with Field of Colors! The energy work that she offers is truly incredible. I've had the pleasure of taking yoga classes with her, having my aura read by her, and also had the opportunity to take a meditation course taught by her. All experiences have been heart-expanding, inspiring and uplifting! The wisdom and kindness Dana offers in her work is something I will forever deeply cherish. I look forward to continuing my awakening practices with her and with the tools she has given me.

Bailey Hosier

Dana is an inspiration—graceful, strong, kind, and an effective teacher! I felt relaxed and supported by in her workshop... the way she speaks is calming as she offers gentle directives. I felt that the roses meditation was useful for clearing my mind and energy field, full of grace and high vibration as we invoke the imagery of roses! It feels like a massage for the aura.


Ilze Joy

Boulder, Colorado

I met Dana couple of years ago when I had my first Aura Reading and since then every time I have an opportunity to meet her, be in her presence and have her Aura Readings, I do it.  Dana is so intuitive and always spot on knowing and feeling what exactly is going on! I am so grateful that I have met Dana! Her readings always help me to understand myself much better and grow. Thank you so much.

Aniqua Acree

Atlanta, Georgia

Dana, thank you SO much for the reading today. After our talk I have felt so much lighter. I embarked on this reading never having one before so I had no idea what to expect. You were very welcoming and very understanding and that is more than I could ever ask for. I have always been a very private person so for you to connect with me on such a level that allowed my true emotions to surface was very moving! I truly look forward to our next connection. Thanks so much for sharing your talents/gift with the world!

Brittany Phelps

I have had the pleasure of working with Dana on a number of occasions. She is a heartfelt, dedicated yoga teacher with an obvious and resounding passion for sound/music, energetic studies and healing. Her students adore her for her genuine offerings as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, energetic workshop presenter and sound healer. 


In addition to being a student of Dana’s, I have had two professional readings with her. She has done an aura reading on both my business and my personal life. The readings were incredibly powerful; she addressed the entire spectrum of my relationship dynamics, most importantly the relationship I have with myself.  She also took a deep dive into the layers of thoughts, emotions and karmic impressions and she relayed them with beautiful analogies and stories that were deeply moving and energizing to me. I strongly recommend that business owners, leaders, and individuals find the time to work with Dana. She offers very reasonable, heart-centered, long-term insight.


Recently I attended another workshop where Dana offered up a group reading. She had two minutes per person and when she did my reading she spoke in such detail and with such accuracy that once again I was beside myself with joy, relief, and ease. I am ready to book my next Aura Reading with Dana as I prepare for my next big expansion phase. I truly believe that Dana will be a powerful force in empowering and encouraging a more in-tuned society and a more conscious business collective if she continues down this road. 

Kósa István

Dana is one of those rare souls that shines so bright and pure you can’t help but notice and be drawn in to the light! I had the pleasure of meeting Dana at Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration a few years ago and quickly realized that she had wonderful gifts to offer the world. I went to her for my first Aura Reading years ago and within minutes had chills from her abilities, literally! She has a way, unlike any other healer I’ve come across, to put subtle longings of the heart into words, to ground dreams floating around in the ethers onto this plane, making it something you can touch, hold, and contemplate. I have been back whenever I can, and have learned to take copious notes to meditate on the insights she shares.


I would whole-heartedly recommend that anyone who is looking for personal growth, healing, insight, encouragement, or affirmation to seek out some time with Dana/Ongkarpreet for an Aura Reading as she is a potent resource. She is also a competent and enthusiastic Kundalini Yoga teacher who can bless you with her knowledge, ability to teach in multiple languages and instruments she plays! 

Monica Bilow

What an amazing experience. In the moment that we closed our eyes, a warm peaceful energy surrounded us. I asked to have more clarity in my professional field, and I couldn't ask for more. Dana showed me the barriers and opened the door to a new view and understanding that helped me to move forward in my professional path.

Gursimrit Kaur

Dear Dana, thank you once again for coming through for us by doing such a beautiful and meaningful reading for us! What a tremendous Blessing. You are so gifted and I deeply appreciate you offering your talents to help people heal. Sending you and your family lots of love & light.

Daein Kang

Dana is highly intuitive... Not only has she done an auric reading for me that was very accurate and helpful to help guide me on my next step, but also did a soul retrieval for my Father when we both intuited he had crossed.


She said that he was stuck from being fully crossed over because he was holding on to a lot of shame and guilt. It gave me a chance to re-connect one last time to say my peace. I was able to forgive, send my Love which freed both him and I of all the heaviness which was the best medicine of all.


Dana's reads are amazingly powerful. She is highly professional and ethical and I would recommend her advice/guidance if ever at a crossroads or was just curious and had some questions.

Hanna Leigh

Receiving aura readings from Dana has been clarifying and supportive for me on my spiritual life path. Her intuition and clear sight have helped me to illuminate and clear blockages within myself. To me, her readings blend high spiritual wisdom with very practical guidance. After an aura reading I always feel lighter, clearer and restored to my own inner peace.

Harmpremjeet Kaur

My reading with Dana was so illuminating! I gained a great deal of insight and clarity from the reading I had with her. She is such a heart-centered and present woman with a true gift for receiving messages from the angelic realms. I highly recommend a session with Dana if you are looking for direction in a particular area of your life.

Brad Bemis

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Dana's presence and energy prior to my first aura reading made me feel grounded. Her reading brought my consciousness into areas of my life that are close to me; it brought focus. Her words explained my energy, in a way that has helped me grow every day since the reading. Namaste Dana!


Patagonia, Argentina

The aura reading was a healing experience. It brought me peace and helped me connect with my desires and feelings. Everything was carried out in an atmosphere of respect and support. (Translated from Spanish)

Luisa Bohórquez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I met Dana and the transparency of her eyes impacted me. I had never heard of an Aura Reading before, and the session was a magical moment of meeting myself. Her music complemented the session*, taking me to places inside that I used to have trouble acknowledging. Her eyes were so transparent that they could see the rose pink color of the beautiful child that lives within me. (Translated from Spanish)

Monica Emaldia

Pucón, Chile

The reading painted a perfect and colorful picture of my most subtle feelings... converting them into certainties, installing a beautiful landscape within me. (Translated from Spanish)

Aluna Verse

I experienced elegance, wonderment and true compassion. My Aura Reading with Dana was astoundingly intuitive and enlightening. The session invoked within me a deepened trust with the Infinite and with my higher self paralleled by none. I guess I couldn't believe that someone could see so clearly who and what I am and hold my spirit in such full bodied compassion. Simply put, she helped me trust. Dana's craft of communicating with Spirit is so creatively unique and I felt and knew that she attuned to my soul's language and wielded it with precision, like having a vivid dream.... so profound. I felt like one part of me was communing with a dear, long lost family member while another was remembering where to find keys I had forgotten about so long ago.

Mira Barakat

Receiving a reading from Dana was a very positive experience for me. Her reading blended images that resonated with me with clear and insightful explanation of the significance, as well as attuned and helpful guidance and wisdom. I would highly recommend receiving a reading from Dana to those who are seeking clarity, growth, and inspiration.

Emily Johnston

I'm so excited after our reading to share with you about my experience. Right afterwards it felt like that post-massage glow, but for my spirit. An auric sweep and soul tune-up. And then upon really sitting on some of the more concrete topics we covered it feels like the best counseling session with some real tools to bring into my daily life. I loved it, and will and have already used the tools I found in the reading to great success. 

Bachan Kaur

Wow. I am absolutely in awe, radiating and vibrating with the love and light that is my soul essence which was activated and illuminated with such ease and grace through my reading with Dana. She is a crystal clear channel of love and vision, who seems to joyously and effortlessly tap into the unseen realms of truth and wisdom to relay messages and imagery that speak in the language of the soul. Her simple approach to spirit and my life path brought me such calm, clarity and faith to the divine unfolding of my journey and every vision, suggestion and message she offered resonated deeply in my soul as an affirmation of my intuitive knowing and connection to source.


I am so grateful to have received the priceless gift of a reading with Dana and it inspires me to experience the power of people following their divine gifts and callings with such love and courage, what an offering it is to us all. Thank you! 

Verónica Rivas López

Patagonia, Argentina

Aura Readings open me to understand my energetic field more and more, helping me discern my energy from the energy of other people and situations... a process of greater clarity of my inner path has begun. (Translated from Spanish)

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